Special Interview of ZAIN ALI by RJ ZAIBI on 25th AUG-2012

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Brief history of life:
From Nuffin to Ground breaking itz been a long journey n 2 be an ordinary guy is no longer choice 4 me……..Well i can’t describe myself in words… ummm…. Letz try!!!
well i am a lil bit curious, ecstatic, credible, versatile, intellectual, snooping, impulsive, natural, amorous, striking, spontaneous n gracious… extremely fond of leisure n recreation… brutal towards my rivals… anyways…i love ma friend’z company ..i do hang out wid them occastionally……. love doin somfin creative……wana contribute to de society in any positive way….

Me. I am. I think, feel, experience, express, analyze and love.. therefore, I am. — I’m probably one of the most complex people you’ll ever meet, should you meet me. I usually try to spread laughter everywhere coz it kills sadness… Everyone, of course, is complex, whether they reveal as much or not. I am a soulful person, born in the wrong era with an open mind in a close-minded world.

I m a dreamer, an idealist…. i like to chase my dreams even though i knw its near to impossible but guess wot…..datz da fun….. da greatest pleasure in life is in doing wot ppl say u cannot do……In this life ”Try to Live your dream for once at least”……..

I love doing creative things, writing poetry or even a book….. I fink in love or any relationship honesty is the most vital thing..…I like writing poetry on pictures…somfin very unique i guess… …..consistency matterz in every work coz itz a key to success in any field ov life…”Prayers (Namaz) is the best and the most beautiful way to learn consistency”……. n i fink datz enough for an initial intro……..coz the more u dig, the more depth u will find…….
Date of birth: 6th july

Zodiac sign: cancer

Matrimonial status: single

First song/album: Teri Mehek by Zain Ali

Person inspired of: Imran Khan

Future planning: working on my music album and exploring new ventures in acting field…

Views about music industry e.g: fav bands/singers: Pakistan have a lot of talent in music and my favourite singer is one and only Nusrat Fateh Ali khan

Personal Favorite: Acting and poetry

Favorite colors: Dark Blue and green

Favorite food: Korma

Favorite place: Switzerland

Things u dislike: sadness, pessimism

Latest or upcoming album/song: Tum mere ho, Faryaad

Fan page of singer /band: http://www.facebook.com/xainperfect

Date of interview: 25th Aug 2012

Name of interviewer: RJ Zaibi

Fan page of interviewer: https://www.facebook.com/rjzaibi2

Show recording link:



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