Should Karisma Kapoor call herself Karishma again?

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As Karisma Kapoor is all set to enter the 39th year of her life, we analyze what the stars have in store for the actress.

Her comeback film Dangerous Ishhq may not have worked at the box office, but she did manage to touch the audience’s hearts with a stellar performance as usual. On the eve of her 38th birthday we see what the stars have in store for Karisma Kapoor.

“Born on 25th June 1974, Karisma is a Number 7 (Ketu) person in numerology ruled by Numbers 2 and 7 (Cancer-ruling planets Moon a
“Karisma will now be entering in the 39th year of her life which means she will be busy spending most of her time reading scripts and hunting for challenging roles” predicts Bhavikk. “It’s no secret that she has been facing some issues in her marital life for some time and to avoid that, she should start using her original spelling of ‘Karishma Kapoor’ since it vibrates well with her date of birth”.nd Ketu) and her destiny number also adds up to Number 7. Since she is ruled by Number 7, she is automatically ruled by Number 2 (Moon) as these two numbers always go hand in hand. Hence, she is ruled by these numbers not once, twice but thrice”, explains astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi.

“Wearing a Cat’s Eye and a Pearl both set in silver on her smallest finger of different hands on a Thursday midnight and Monday evening respectively will help her evade the negative energies she is surrounded with all the time and help her take her decisions of life in a much more cool, calm and a composed way”, advices Bhavikk before signing off.

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