Safe Haven (2013)

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Safe Haven (2013)

Safe Heaven - on AMZFM Katie Feldman arrives in the tiny coastal town of Southport, North Carolina, looking to make a new, quiet life for herself. She rents arundown cabin and takes a job waiting on tables in the local café, hoping to keep a low profile. But despitethe almost impenetrable emotional walls she has built to protect herself, she is drawn in by the genuine warmth and caring of the tight-knit community, especially the town’s grocery-store owner, Alex, and his two young children.

As Katie gradually learns to trust again, Alex and his little brood teach her to experience the joys of love once more. But nothing is as simple as it seems and her newfound happiness is threatened by the terrifying secrets that still haunt her. When a mysterious stranger arrives in town asking questions about Katie, her past threatens to reclaim her. Although every instinct tells her to run, Katie decides to do whatever she must to protect her new life, as she rediscovers the meaning of sacrifice and commitment in a gripping and suspenseful story of hope, survival, and the power of true love.

In Theaters

  • February 14, 2013

MPAA Rating

PG-13 (for thematic material involving threatening behavior, and for violence and sexuallity)


Adaptation, Drama

Run Time

1 hour 55 minutes


Relativity Media, Relativity Media Distribution Group

Production Status

In Production / Awaiting Release

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