Ranbir’s ode to Chaplin?

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Ranbir Kapoor in his forthcoming film ‘Barfii’ reminds you a lot of Chaplin and his own grandfather Raj Kapoor

The trailer of Anurag Basu’s forthcoming film starring Ranbir Kapoor was released a dew days back in Mumbai.

The trailer looked like a tribute to the golden era of silent cinema. Ranbir plays a deaf and mute character. His funny portrayal along with the beautiful background score was clearly Chaplin-esque. It also bore resemblance to Ranbir’s grandfather Raj Kapoor’s innocence as an actor.

Basu however denied the film being silent.

Ranbir added, “I play this happy go lucky guy Barfii. It’s a romantic comedy. The film was challenging. I initially thought I will have to undergo sign language training etc but that didn’t happen. It was more like Dumb Charades. The film is special and I didn’t take it up just to show off my acting skills. It’s a special film.”

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