RJ Alizay Shah

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alizayRJ Alizay Shah ~ AMZF

Full name:   Rj Alizey Shah Tirmazi

Date of Birth:  13th November

Zodiac sign:  Scorpio

Country: Pakistan

Education: Msc mass communication

Occupation:  Rdj at Radio pakistan and Web Radio,

Interests: Novel and poetry writing, reading Dawn newspaper,

Movies: X-Men, Snow whit and the hunts man, Pirates of the carribean series,  Wanted  and all that which has made me inspired at peak.

Music: Well fast music  i love with having bhangra beat Rythem.

Love: My family and Friends.

Views about life: I dnt have much aspiration from the people but my mother teach me what life is so to sacrifice urself for the sake of others and to make the people glad is the top most priority for mee. I dnt mind what life gives but i do mind what i give. And life matters alot when  it shows it’s worst aspect but life is beautiful when i have my desired things.

For listners: we are not supernatural at all, we are humans like you but God has made us to be the glorious part ov your life to make  tremendous and marvelous connection  with best Attitude and behavior via  voice and personality that is being part of our real duty.

My Wishes: To be the Best Director of Pakistan and to Die for the sake of ALLAH… that’s all..


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