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13 Responses to AMZFM-Live

  1. gazala .uk

    Hi Hadir great start to the show …ghazal

  2. Rukhz

    Since….I cant seem to leave a message in the shoutbox, I’ll just comment here. Good show guys! You guys chose a good topic. I don’t think it’s only media that is to be blame though, it’s also illiteracy and upbringing. The kind of environment they are exposed to is also an underlaying factor. It’s unfortunate…but good job for raising awareness amongst people. Keep up the good work.


  3. Touseef Iabal

    hi plzzz sir me ne audition dena hai mjy tareqa btain me kese dun????

  4. mera shoutbox open nahi raha can u help me admin?

  5. rose

    i caanot listan the voice of any show .. how can i ?

  6. Safeer

    wah wah moody kamal kita tu xD

  7. Sir, Topic kia hy aj>?

    Tuj ko daikha Phir us ko naa daikha….

    Chand kehta raha… main Chand hon….

  8. atif masood

    hi x art if from birmingham i just want to request you that can you please Put your back ground music down so we can listen you people clearly. Thanks

  9. hi sophia hope u be good its always feels good to listen your stunning show.plz play hum q chalen by junaid jamshaid

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