Learn how to tune into AMZFM through your Android device

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Do you have an Android mobile phone?
Would you like to learn how to tune into AMZFM through your Android device?

Well here’s how!
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Step 1: Unlock your cellphone

Step 2: From your home page, launch the applications menu

Step 3: Launch Google Play in order to download the application, which supports the live streaming of AMZFM

Step 4: In the search bar, type in TuneIn Radio (This is the application we will be installing)

Step 5: One you have found the TuneIn Radio application in your search results, click it to open the details page.

Step 6: Once you open the details page, there will be an install button. Please click the install button in order to launch the application installer.

Step 7: Accept the App Permissions by clicking the “ACCEPT” button on the bottom right corner of the window. This will begin installing the application to your mobile device.

Step 8: Please wait for the application to be installed. Once it is installed a shortcut will be created in your applications menu, or your home page.

Step 9: Please find the newly installed TuneIn Radio application in your applications menu, or on your home page. Launch the application.

Step 10: Once you have launched the application you are now ready to search for AMZFM

Step 11: In the search menu on the top, begin searching for AMZFM. Once AMZFM appears in your search results, click it to launch the live stream.

Step 12: Once AMZFM is launched, it will automatically begin to load and the live stream will start playing. Congratulations, you are now able to listen to us whenever you feel like it.

Step 13: Don’t forget to add us to your favorites by clicking on the heart symbol on the top right corner. Once you click the heart, it will be highlighted. You have now successfully added AMZFM to your favorites and next time you can access it easily from your favorites menu.

Step 14: Once you launch TuneIn Radio, you can access AMZFM quick and easy from the favorites menu.

Enjoy listening to AMZFM from your Android mobile device.


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