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Geeta Basra is one of the most attractive lady featured in year 2006, She hails from London. Altho it was a rape scene in the movie the train but has gained her lots of popularity amongst the bollywood fans. Geeta Basra is here to stay and her fans will see more of her as she is a talented actress with amazing looks.

Geeta Basra is a popular personality but has won no awards to authenticate her talent as a Model or Actress. Geeta Basra as a Bollywood Actress & Indian model has showcased her work in the movies – The Train, Dil Diya hai.

Geeta Basra has been chosen as a grand performer and rated as a New Indian Leading light. rates Geeta Basra a 8/10 for her Beauty & Looks, 7/10 for her Figure & Stats and a 7/10 for her talent as a Bollywood Actress & Indian model.

Geeta Basra is also spelled as Geeta Barsa, Gita Basra, Geeta Batra.

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