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Exclusive Release of “Munday Pakistani” By Waseem Baig on AMZFM
Interview of Waseem Baig on AMZFM (Recording) – 18th March 2014

WasbaiG a Pakistani made, born and raised in UAE, is a singer, composer, musician, producer, actor, lyricist and an exhilarating live performer! He has been composing songs since the age of 14. He always wanted to be a solo artist because he believes in one man show.

waseembaig - wasbaig - AMZFMIn the beginning, it was difficult for him to find his way but because of his positive attitude, perservearance & self encouragement, he continued to try & did not give up!
Finally, recording his own creations in his own way, he is out here to reveal the various talents hidden within him!Due to some restrictions, he couldn’t learn & so he cant play any instruments.
According to his father music is just a waste of time! But Wasbaig Disagrees with his opinions, & silently remains on his path..
though he cant play an instrument, he has self developed a virtual studio, where he can not only compose but create & ALSO produce music by playing all the instruments in his own mind!
Doesn’t this Show how Passionate he is?

Whole idea of his composition is based on a thought and that is why he is proud of his talents as a song-writer and a composer.

Wasbaig is well equipped for developing/creating Rock, pop, hip hop, fusion & melodious tunes……….

As per Wasbaig…..\m/

Music Can Heal Any Wound,
Make Any Person Smile,
Make Any Person’s Life.

| ▌▌| ▌▌▌| ▌▌| ♫ | ▌▌| ▌▌▌| ▌▌|

Therefore i use my music to express Love, Mood & Knowledge.

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