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UFO trailing blue smoke flies over the runway

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Incoming! Airport workers’ disbelief as ‘UFO’ trailing blue smoke flies over the runway  Workers stopped what they were doing to crane their necks to the sky Object spotted speeding through atmosphere, with plume of blue smoke Commentators online believe it could be a rocket or missile launch  After being shared

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Khuda bhi jab tumahin meray pass

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Khuda bhi jab tumahin meray pass Khuda bhi jab tumahin meray pass Khuda bhi jab tumhain meray pass daikhta ho ga Do badan aik jaan day de kaisay sochta ho ga subah ka chain mera, sham ka sakoon hai payar tera payar nahi, mera janoon hai dard tujah ho agar, ankh

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Misyar marriages gain popularity among Saudis

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Riyadh: Matchmakers are becoming busy by the day with the wider appeal of misyar marriages in Saudi Arabia. There has been a 50 percent increase in misyar marriages after the issuance of a religious edict (fatwa) giving the alliance sanctity last month by the Islamic Fiqh Academy. “Among the regions

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Residents of Shimshal are setting a shining example for Pakistan

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When I arrived in Hunza’s Shimshal Valley, I was surprised and delighted to see happy locals dressed in colourful and modern winter attire. What was more amazing were the concrete reinforced houses and satellite dish antennas everywhere. It signalled a makeover that I found difficult to associate with this remote

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Live Interview of Poet Aatif Saeed

Recording of Live Interview with Poet Aatif Saeed Guest: Poet Atif Saeed                         Host: Rj Tanveer Ahmed Khan Poet Aatif Saeed, born on 22nd April 1977 in Rawalpindi. Education: M.Sc Electronics, M.Sc Systems Engineering Autor of three poetry books Mujhay Tanha

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wo utar gaya meri ankh se Mere dil se kyun na utar saka

Voice: RJ Tanveer Ahmed Khan – AMZFM kabhi moam ban kay pighal gaya, kabhi girtey girtey sambhal gaya wo ban kay lamha guraiz ka, mere paas se nikal gaya usey rokta bhi to kis tarhan, kay wo shaks itna ajeeb tha kabhi tarap utha meri aah se, kabhi ashk na pighal saka sar.e.rah mila

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10 Reasons Why You Will Never Become Rich

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There’s an interesting maxim about how long wealth actually stays with a person and their descendants. The saying is three generations, tops: one to make it, one to spend it, and the third to blow it. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but have you ever sat down

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10 Lies Indian TV Series Promote Shamelessly – But We Are Still Glued To It

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10 Lies Indian TV Series Promote Shamelessly – But We Are Still Glued To It When TV series around the globe are evolving every day, Indian TV series since the 2000’s seems to have been stuck at the same harbor. International TV series like Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Orange

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Live Interview of Abdullah Javed

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How to Listen AMZFM? Open & Enjoy For SMS Message type from Cell Phone MTheAMZFMName+Location+message & Send it to 9900 For Messages on Web We wish you an Amazing Listening Experience on AMZFM


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Exclusive Interview of Singer Salem on AMZFM Salem is a South Asian Recording Artist (Singer, Composer, Song Writer) He performs  in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, French and Arabic.  He has performed at numerous musical events across the United States and Canada. Born in Saudia Arabia, to a family from Lahore,  Salem

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